About Synchrosoft Sdn Bhd

The company was set up to continue where Microsoft Systems Sdn Bhd left off as a developer of accounting software in Malaysia to Malaysian requirements.

The first product, Micro Bookkeeper was produced for the Apple ][ in 1981. This was ported to the IBM PC platform running PCDOS/MSDOS in 1982.

In the 90s, the product was renamed the Micro Accountant. When the 80386 range of CPUs was introduced, the product was again renamed the Enhanced Micro Accountant or eMac.

Current Product Available

eMac Version 10.9 is the current product offered. This version takes advantage of the graphical operating systems in Windows 7, 8 and 10 with robust networking features.

People in Synchrosoft Sdn Bhd

Teams of people meet the requirements of our customers

  • Consultants in systems and management discuss business process with customers to come up with best practices for work flow processes for the organisation
  • Software developers using latest RAD (rapid application development) tools convert the needs of the customers to applications to meet these needs
  • Support staff install applications, configure setup of software onto hardware. Then train and hold hands of customer staff in retaining and retraining them to deploy systems to meet customers’ objectives.


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Synchrosoft Sdn Bhd
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